We are on a mission to advance cacao agriculture and improve the livelihoods of our cacao farming families. We are dedicated to repurposing the fruit that brings you chocolate.


We put people first and pride ourselves on providing economic sustainability for our farmers, improving their livelihoods one bottle at a time.
We creatively repurpose the earth’s resources to avoid waste, benefit farmers, and make the world a better place. Learn more here.
In 2014 on our farm in Ecuador, we realized that there are many ways to harness the power of the cacao pod. Until now the world has focused on using it to make chocolate. And we know why: Chocolate is delicious.
But what about that fruity white pulp that hugs the cacao beans in each pod?
Some of it is used to ferment the beans during the chocolate-making process, but the rest is wasted. That’s a shame, because we miss out on the opportunity to enjoy this mouthwatering fruit. So we decided to put the fruit to good use as a naturally sweet and lightly tart juice that transports you straight to the farm.
years in the cocoa industry
hectares of land
trained agricultural farmers
virgin cacao juice

We are farmers too! We farm 550 hectares of land dedicated to cacao outside the city of Cerecita in the Guayas Province of Ecuador. We employ 70 farmers whom we constantly train on good agricultural practices, and we pay them extra bonuses for cacao pulp that would previously have been considered waste. We use this pulp to make our delicious juice!

We are Robert and Kayla Weidner. Cacao lovers and Founders of Repurposed Pod.