When you crack open a bottle of Repurposed Pod’s cacao juice you’re
helping to create a healthy, strong environment and better lives for the
farmers who brought you that delicious drink.


Every sip helps improve the livelihoods of cacao farming families.

We take the mantra to reduce, reuse, and recycle so seriously that we named our company a related “R” word: repurpose! Repurposed Pod is all about taking a close look at our environment and reimagining how it can be used, all while paving the way in sustainability in order to conserve the earth’s resources.

How do we do this? First and foremost, we’re dedicated to strong agricultural practices. We collaborated with our farmers to develop a solid program to reduce the use of chemicals and conserve water, and we constantly review, refine, and revamp that program.

After all, much of the cacao pulp is wasted during the chocolate-making process. By creating Cacao Juice, we’ve discovered a way to repurpose this pulp, reduce waste, improve farmer incomes and along the way, produce a mouthwatering, natural beverage for you to enjoy!

We are committed to our farmers.

We source cacao from an entire community of farmers who now are paid a bonus for each bin of high-quality pulp! At our farm in Ecuador, we provide  health and dental care. Then there are the opportunities that should go without saying (but often don’t in this industry): We offer a living wage and opportunities to advance.

We put people first.

And without cacao farmers, we wouldn’t have chocolate. Unfortunately, almost half of cacao farmers worldwide live below the international poverty line. We want to change that harsh reality by paying farmers for what’s typically an industry by-product, cacao pulp.
Repurposing cacao pulp boosts the total revenue per hectare of land for the farmer, which in turn allows farmers and their families to thrive.