Our cacao juice is only as good as our cacao, which is why we’re proud to highlight it here.

Chocolate comes from a tree.

A dazzling, tropical tree that produces big, juicy fruit pods that look like footballs and change color from green to yellow to red as they ripen. Inside you’ll find dozens of beans enveloped in a sticky-sweet pulp. Raw, those beans taste nothing like chocolate. To bring out that flavor we all know and love, the cacao beans are fermented in the pulp, then sun-dried and roasted. The nibs are extracted, ground, and then combined with sugar. Voila! Chocolate.

This magical tree is called Theobroma cacao.

It only grows in some areas of the world: in the shade of tropical rainforests
20 degrees above and below the equator in a perfect latitudinal band. It originated in
Central America but quickly spread across South America (and then across the world),
and archaeologists have discovered that people were making chocolate more than
38 centuries ago.

Researchers are finding new reasons to eat this superfood every day.

Cacao has a host of health benefits, from helping keep your heart healthy to improving brain function to reducing cholesterol.
Those lucky enough to live near cacao trees have been savoring that sweet cacao pulp for centuries…
a historical fan favorite many of us didn’t even know existed!